The reality of alien contact


I watched Communion on DVD last night, the account of Whitley Strieber's alien contact experience. I thought at first I wasn't going to like it, it was cheaply made although I noted that Strieber himself had written the screenplay, and Christopher Walken usually puts in a good performance in this kind of on-the-edge role. All I can say is, marvellous, the encounter sequences are such a cocktail of bizarreness and humour, and depth of idea about the nature of reality, it has made me want to read the book, which I never did when it came out, a few years after my own first experiences of contact in 1984. I recall picking up the book in Watkins Bookshop, and getting a shock on turning it over. The photograph of the author on the back looked just like early photographs of my own father as a young man, I stood staring at the picture for some time in a daze. Surprising then that I didn't buy it and read it. Probably I didn't want to influence my own fractured memories and take on board someone else's experience. It was for this reason I staunchly ruled out regression hypnosis.

A wise decision in retrospect. When I met 'foremost' alien-abduction investigator David M Jacobs back in 1994, for instance, I found him to be an utter fool looking on abduction experience from the position of an outsider to it, characterising it in concrete terms that belie the fluid nature of contact reality. Strieber, by contrast, steadfastly maintained that something happened to him but refused to attach to it the leaden weights of looking on it just one way, which would set a fluid reality solid. Although reading his more recent writings this no longer appears to be the case. After I watched the film I realised Strieber was a man who in all likelihood had indeed experienced contact reality, since he appeared to understand certain aspects of it that would be impossible to understand any other way. Not believing the appearance, for example. That contact reality is what he refers to in the movie as 'a Chinese box', by which I assume he means the same thing as 'Russian dolls', appearance hiding behind appearance, hiding behind appearance. A mask disguising a mask, which is done very well in the film in the quite stunning and hallucinatory final contact sequence. I just found myself laughing out loud, he had truly managed to capture the sense of humour of extraterrestrials. How many people can you say that about? So much of the contact experience in films is tied up in awesome special effects, so little captures the sleight-of-hand tricksterish consciousness of it. Ten out of ten for that scene, regardless of the rest of the film.

So after watching it I searched and found that Strieber has an online journal, and as if to prove the ongoingness of his personal investigation he writes on October 16 2003 that he has only just understood what one aspect of his experience on December 26 1985 was really all about: the much joked-about rectal probe. This came as a result of his second hypnosis tape from 1986, missing for years, suddenly turning up in the drawer of his bedside table. The journal entry is a fascinating read, by a man who has lived his life in the glare of ridicule but has continued nonetheless. And doubtless did all right financially as well.

I don't say Strieber has the whole truth of alien contact, but what I've seen of what he knows I can see he's certainly been favourably looked upon. As for my own experiences, I don't regard them as any business of anyone else. Well, not yet anyway. People hardly understand KAOS 14, and that's just an occult work, so I hardly think they're ready yet for me to lay the truth of alien contact on them in any major way, although I will discuss certain aspects of it here.

Strieber's task was breaking news, he's done it well, very well. But he's not good enough for quelling panic, since by his own admission he doesn't really understand the nature of alien contact. He wasn't meant to, and I think he himself would concede that. The fact that these days he is concerned about government cover-ups etc shows that to a degree he has tilted away from the purity of his experience, after all in 1995 he said in an interview:

I'm not real interested in the government because the visitors have bypassed it. It isn't up to the government to confirm. They don't have that right. It will be done by the visitors at a time of their choosing.

But now he's saying things as if his mind has been contaminated by the X-Files, such as this from his Oct 16 03 journal entry:

I can only tell you this: the visitors are entirely real and they are here taking sexual material and tissues from human beings. I am sorry that it has taken me so many years to feel that I can make this statement unequivocally, but I am not given to asserting things that I don’t think I can back up. I can back this up. The evidence is sufficient.

In addition, the U.S. government is actively covering up the activities of whoever is doing this, denying that they exist and seeking to destroy the reputations and credibility of anybody who makes an efficient effort to convince the public otherwise.

What happened to dancing with the aliens, Whitley? You see, he has reified his experience, he has weighed it down with baggage. He has given it a form so many times it can't have any other form any longer. Believe me, I understand. It took me many years to assimilate my own experiences, which I did on my own, I never told another human being what had happened to me for 10 years, not until the assimilation was complete – whereas Strieber immediately published a book. I did actually write a book about my own contact, but I burnt it – it was fractured and tender, it was a wound of consciousness that would not heal so long as I kept it. My own experiences also involved an appearance of invasive surgery, to the brain, which takes a while to learn to laugh about, though I have no recollection of a rectal probe. I used the occult to ground myself – that might sound rather strange, but the occult is mundane compared with alien contact but weird enough to walk unnoticed.

It was only a small effort to avoid getting sucked into the cultural milieu of the UFO anorak, I could see I didn't want to define my experiences according to their deeply cherished folklore, then in its beginnings and now accepted religiously. I found no need to seriously take on the alternative ideology of 'the grays', where extraterrestrial anal probes have become a new consensus reality. This consensus it seems is mostly based on false memories emerging from regression hypnosis, that cannot cope with 'Chinese boxes' and must live up to the hypnotist's expectations. This phenomenon of the creation of memories in only one form, and therefore false when referring to actual experience that is kaleidoscopic and fluid, is inevitable and has been widely documented, though not understood, as 'confabulation'.

With a regression hypnotist as loopy as David Jacobs putting you in a trance and asking leading questions is it any wonder 100% of recent abductees report to him experiences that fit the consensus, which again is believed in by alien stamp-collector types who would die to have their anus similarly probed by ET. No, I'm sorry, this isn't good evidence for the contact reality, this is hype.

You get hype in every field of human activity, we shouldn't be surprised to see it totally subsume the actual reality of the contact experience. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it was a necessary screen for it. I can't say as I buy into most forms of consensus reality, beyond the basics of chair is a thing to sit on and table to eat your dinner off, but it does define a world. Look at the consensus reality of 'weapons of mass destruction' for a good example of falsified reality now crumbling.

So actually a consensus reality swelling from the fringes concerning alien abduction, which an incredible number of people now delude themselves they have experienced, is okay from the perspective of the alien agenda. It doesn't matter that these aliens are perceived as malevolent semen collectors and anus scalpers, growing alien-human hybrids, because that is not the true essence of the consensus, that's a detail that can be over-ridden easily, the real consensus is more straightforward and powerfully affecting: they're here.

You see, once that is a true consensus reality, then they can be here. Let's face it, most people don't grasp the nature of their old consensus reality, so it hardly matters that they can't grasp the nature of the new one either, the only important thing is that they accept it. Blindly doesn't matter. More societal change has been introduced on blind faith than informed knowledge after all. But for intelligent thinking people, still it will be a trauma when it happens, accepting it in a blasé fashion is one thing, like yeah sure it's likely in a universe this size that there are other intelligences, but actually realising they're on your own dimensional plane now and emerging is quite another. I just stare on in disbelief when people talk about actual contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence as if that was something they could handle without blinking. I mean, take two tabs of acid as an hors d'œuvre and see if you still feel the same way about the main course.

Those who can't cope retreat quickly into mental scenarios to cover over trauma, it is no coincidence I think that regression hypnosis is renowned for bringing up memories of sexual abuse as a child as well as being abducted by aliens. Contact with an alien reality, to someone not desiring it or expecting it, is indeed an invasive procedure, it is only through the difficult process of assimilation that a person can possibly understand what has happened to them. Many prefer to lounge about in support groups reifying their false memories by contact with other imbeciles for whom alien reality rudely interrupted their lives as couch potatoes. There's an amusing scene of one such support group in Communion.

Is it any wonder they have no idea what has happened to them and seek out any straw their small minds can hold onto? After all, what's happened in their lives apart from Dallas? They necessarily gravitate to the 'consensus' that has formed. As alien abductees, they are failures, they have failed to grasp the depth and magnitude of their experience, which they only glimpsed in any case. They see malevolence where there is only true benevolence, growth, and evolution of consciousness. They were not ready for it.

Even for the intelligent, the explorer into strange realms, it is still a lot to handle and will take years to get to grips with. Those who come through it, and get their head round it, take on the task they were chosen for, a kind of sane eye on what is happening, even though what is being spoken of is way beyond the limit of most people's experience. Okay, so you've recently been abducted by aliens. Of course you should be reluctant to circumscribe your experience by lumping it in with that of the alien rape victims. Listen instead to an old hand, someone who has not gone off the rails.

One of the greatest difficulties I faced after contact was encountering no-one who had experienced what I had, nobody who knew the sheer seriousness and magnitude of it, oh plenty of people yabbering away as if they knew, but their words rang hollow and were of no help. I realised I was one of the first. I don't honestly know how long contact reality will proceed on an individual basis before a mass intervention occurs, but I do sense that the process is now accelerating. So it is time to speak, and manifest a previously concealed power.

Strieber and many others have seriously lost it. But I don't doubt that he had it once, that scene in Communion when he finally 'awakes' has more truth in that than I have ever seen in a contact movie. At the end of the day, the aliens do indeed have a superlative sense of humour. How else could they prove to us they're intelligent?