Farewell Anton

APRIL 10 05

When I wrote yesterday's post, I had no idea Anton Heyboer had just that moment died, aged 81. The passing of a great man, I think. Perhaps it was no coincidence he was in my thoughts.

The last 20 years I have not left the barn in the swamp here where we live. I need no daylight, I have the light in me. I make it from out the sferics from the stars that is another light as the light of the sun. This is a more universal light. Every morning half six I stand up. Not out the bed but laying on oil drums and I go to sit from six to ten and a half without moving like yoga sit and the whole world is far away and I have only love in me and this love give me the power to work the whole afternoon till 5 and make 50 yoga things. They have called it in the world works of art.

– Anton Heyboer, 2002