I’m shouting at the kitchen radio again


I can tell Tony Blair's on the way out now. It's started happening, just like it did with Thatcher. I've started shouting at the kitchen radio again: 'Shut the fuck up Blair! Clear off and die you wanker!'

This happened with Thatcher towards the end. On she'd come on the radio, that drone of voice, just like Blair's is now, utterly empty, deceitful, formulaic, aping Churchill, and I'd start shouting at the kitchen radio: 'Fuck off out of my life you cunt! The IRA should have got you in Brighton you fucking whore! Fuck you and your fucking Poll Tax! Fucking miners should've had you you piece of shit! Would've done if Scargill hadn't have had such a fucking stupid haircut!'

I feel like Alf Garnett sometimes, conversing with a feeling in the air.

Hasn't quite got to that stage with Tony yet, but I can see it coming. That radio is going to get chucked out the window like my old radio any day now.

I was standing on a Tube platform the moment Thatcher got it in the neck. The station announcer thought it was so important he'd tell us about it over the tannoy. He could hardly contain his elation. Spontaneously a great joyous cheer roared up on the platform, everyone was smiling, several elderly men threw their hats in the air and danced a little jig. Tube train pulled in, doors slid open, people wondering what on earth was happening, we told them, 'Thatcher's gone!' and up went a second great cry of jubilation! We were that fucking glad to be rid of her. And that'll happen when Tony goes, despite the ridiculous staged applause to show 'unity' yesterday at the Labour Party Conference. And then he'll be nothing, and in time just dust like Thatcher, someone who only Americans have any time for, and they weren't here to put up with the little scumbag.

Hey, don't get me on a rant…