Bowling alley bars

JULY 23 03

Was out getting drunk this evening. I was going to have a quiet night in. It's midnight now and I'm weary. Backgammon major league at the Cactus Bar for Rakis. I won, I lost. Hogan taking side-bets with Dave over the fall of the dice a number of times. Extra Rakis. Very little room left on the table for backgammon counters with all these drinks we've got lined up. And then there were the normal rounds. End up in a bowling alley on double cognacs watching pony-tail girls with strapless backs attempt to lift that very heavy bowling ball. Some fat bird is just making no effort whatsoever, it's painful to watch. I like bowling alley bars, but sometimes you just have to call it a night. I'm amazed I'm bored of political scandals already. I remember why I knocked journalism on the head now. I'm going to fry up some leftover beetroot risotto and have it with chilli pickle and hot mango chutney. Have to be up early in the morning, seeing some compadres in a bar near the British Museum at lunchtime, and I'm sure there's stuff I should have done this evening. Out of money again, but I've got an old Chinese dictionary I don't use any more and a book on the history of the Boxer Rebellion I never got round to reviewing, with luck I can flog them in Probsthains on the way and rustle up a round. Oh hell, lets eat, and try not to fall over. A discussion on the radio on the Antichrist, some American 'professor' into Velikovsky says he is 'watching Revelation very closely' in the light of recent events. These screwball Americans always seem to speak with great authority in their voices. Interesting to listen to, but I just took one look at his website, saw 'Planet X' and 'Atlantis to Tesla', and didn't bother to scroll any further. What a backward little sub-culture these Sitchinites inhabit.