Like the dust ever accumulating

JULY 04 03

Been strangely busy seeing friends from the past, developing a few ideas, and coming in drunk.

Not quite sure what's happening at present, it feels like something is but sometimes it's hard to pin down. At such times I tend to consult the Lingqijing, and I can't fail to notice that this morning I received #10 and when I just threw the magic tokens again I received #10 once more. That's the first time I have received the same trigraph one after the other. I have written about this oracle before. It's a very encouraging oracle, in that it acknowledges lack of activity or inability to achieve one's aims but shows the imminent subsidence of that.

Ambition, and the desire to fulfil your ambitions, is an interesting subject. Every person exists at a kind of snapshot time-period of their lives, some things are moving, some things are sluggish. Some people are happy, some are depressed. Some are successful, some are coping with failure and the almost malicious destruction of their dreams. Yet all we have for our entire lives is ourselves, and I considered early this great truth. While in many respects the world has passed me by, I have nonetheless taken the time to reflect long and hard on who I am and where I find myself, just as if I had been transplanted from some other world quite suddenly and all that was is now gone and all before me is a mystery to be solved. Sometimes the nightly visit of a succubus passed for a sex life, sometimes I had so little money I would go weeks without seeing anyone, not being able to afford 'a social life'. I wrote about 'The Malaise of Poverty' in 'The Exorcist of Revolution' in 1986. Gradually I learnt to live on thin air, like the magic tortoise. So ironic then that I foresee my future full of glorious things. I foresee the change written of in the verse of trigraph #10, 'Affairs proceeding':

Like the dust ever accumulating, he has long awaited the hour;
In the darkened window, amid loneliness, who knows of him?
When the moment evolves, those bearing swords look to each other;
Gaining profits and attaining fame always have their time.