Liminal states


Had a rather good Isle of Jura at the whisky pub in Holloway Road, 'The Quays'. 5.30 in the morning, too late to get into a rant, need to sleep, but it would probably be something to do with feeling like I'm treading water waiting to bite off some major project. I miss that sense of being involved in something all-consuming, but probably I shouldn't wait for inspiration. Yet I don't want to choose the wrong thing either. Not that I face a choice yet, except between things I don't especially feel like doing right now. Still, I can't help wondering whether fate will reveal its hand and show me what it is to be. Liminal states can be so lacklustre. Sometimes necessary, as in hexagram 48/4 where the well is being lined, but the difficulty is in knowing whether it isn't just habit, routine, that keeps one from biting off something new. This website encourages regular writing, yet it also feels like 'ticking over' and perhaps that very ticking over prevents me from engaging with other more major work. On the other hand, perhaps it is simply a matter of valuing what I am doing right now more than I do. Oh hell, cup of blazing hot tea and then to bed. I have Indian ink to seek out when I wake, and perhaps sell some books on the finer points of Chinese grammar to fund a round or two.

Just before bed, I consult the Lingqijing on this liminal state: trigraph #11, 'Talent Advancing' (above). Ah! Excellent couple of lines in the verse:

Do not sigh about the flower branches being few,

You must realize that the fruit will form later.