It’s all in the moment

JULY 06 03

Listening to a discussion on the radio, various views about what happens to our memories and experiences once we die. The standard polarised rubbish. I have long argued that the very fact that we have existed places everything beyond destruction for all time simply by virtue of existence in the moment. That's where it is. Moments 'die' but are forever alive in their own moment. I can never again access when I was 11 or 23, or certain seminal experiences, but it neither matters nor is it important whether I can actually even remember those times. They exist in their own time. This is the obvious measure of our immortality, and why death is neither here nor there. Look at your present moment, it is placed forever beyond dissolution for all it appears to be destroyed by the unending erosion of time. It was, therefore it is for all time.

I was discussing this with Alan Moore once, and he had a nice way of looking at it: 'We're saved to hard.' I forget how he arrived at that conclusion, but I do recall it began with a discussion of giant luminous green snake gods and DNA.


She: 'Or was it 12 hours ago? Sorry, my days run together.'

Me: 'Your days run together, mine are stuck together like the pages of a book you've spilled coffee on.'