Going live, & partaking of the shisha


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JUNE 1 03 – After months of faffing around offline to create this site, at last BIROCO.COM goes live. Certain things become apparent. Such as: only what I have to say right now is of any importance. What I have said in the past doesn't matter. If it matters, if I let it matter, it becomes a cage restricting what I can say right now.

While I was preparing this site I got myself into the habit of 'blogging', to see what patterns emerged, what I wrote about, how personal it was, and whether it was 'any good'. Frankly, I am none the wiser. What the hell.

I was discussing these issues with Hogan yesterday over a watermelon and apple shisha. I am a recent convert to the joys of smoking a large hookah in the street with a bunch of Arabs. I won't mention the place here, London has few enough dives worth frequenting for the likes of us. Although yesterday wasn't in the street, it was round Hogan's. Man has bought his own shisha. It comes in what looks like a large sports bag, inside a large blue-glass water jar, ornate silver pipe apparatus fits on top, clay bowl for the fruit-flavoured molasses tobacco. Cover the clay bowl over with tin foil, poke a few holes in it and place the glowing charcoal on top.

So I was discussing this site with Hogan, partaking of the shisha. He says I should stop faffing around with the old stuff and concentrate on what I write now. Luckily I have now finished the bits that have been preventing me going live before. So this entry becomes my first 'proper one'.

I think the only attitude worth anything here is to write the stuff to the web and forget it. Quick in and out. Say what I have to say for the moment and leave.

The thunderstorm has broken yesterday's sultriness and heat. It's drinking weather. Off out now.