The KAOS banning attempt

KAOS 14 was first published online on July 22, 2002. Since that time there have been a number of attempts to get it taken off the Internet, so controversial do its contents appear to be in the eyes of some.

On August 20, 2002, the KAOS supplement was temporarily suppressed due to a complaint by a person or organisation that did not wish this material to be made public.

The 69-page supplement concerns 'The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz', and is a remarkable personal testimony of occult experience in a magical Order – the Caliphate OTO, renowned for use of legal muscle against both publishers and web hosting companies, much like the Scientologists.

For those who haven't heard of the now infamous 'Black Lodge', until the publication of this important document rumours abounded concerning a clandestine initiatory body formed near the heart of the Caliphate OTO in 1990, known as 'The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz'. The supplement to KAOS 14 is written by a direct witness and participant in these events, which involved Enochian operations that threatened the power base of the Caliphate.

We at KAOS, it has to be said, expected the work to be controversial, but were surprised by the petty strategies person or persons unknown used to try to ensure no-one would be able to read it. Initially, the supplement was moved to another server, while KAOS itself remained on the original website unchallenged.

On October 17 2002, however, the entire KAOS website was closed down by BT Internet and the account terminated, either as a result of a further objection by the original complainant or by someone else who feels aggrieved by what I and others have written.

Forewarned by the initial partially successful suppression attempt, we had taken the precaution of setting up mirror sites and so when KAOS was closed down we simply switched to a redirection URL and pointed it at one of the mirrors.

This meant we could change the actual location of the website at a moment's notice.

One wonders what those who wished KAOS 14 didn't exist hoped to gain by making complaints about it. At the time of the controversy I put together a couple of pages on the background to this which may be of interest, although I have decided not to update them any longer, they remain as they were when the KAOS website was closed down and are now archival material (some of the URLs in this material no longer work):

The attempt to suppress KAOS

What a circus! – public opinion

Joel Biroco