KAOS 14 free to download

KAOS 14 and its supplement, 'The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz', are available for free download as PDF ebooks.

The KAOS ebook is 3.2 Mb, and contains high-resolution images. It is fully hyperlinked, searchable, and can be printed. The supplement is 330 Kb. Though the PDFs are optimised for fast web view, meaning that they will download a page at a time and display quickly before the entire file is fully downloaded, at times displaying a PDF in your web browser yields an empty page. This is remedied by a direct download.

On a PC, if you wish to avoid triggering the Acrobat browser plug-in in favour of a straight download, right-click the download links below and choose 'Save Target As...' (Internet Explorer and Opera) or 'Save Link As...' (Netscape). On a Mac, click and hold until a menu appears on the cursor, choose 'Save to disk'. Or a download manager can be used.

Download KAOS 14 | Download Supplement

Yes, it's free, but you can donate if you want.

PDF and ebook readers

The KAOS ebook contains embedded vector illustrations, so Acrobat 5 is recommended because this has a new feature, 'Smooth line art', that can render it properly (this is not switched on by default: Edit > Preferences > Display > Smooth line art). The PDF can be read in earlier versions, but these illustrations will appear slightly jagged. If you don't already have it, the latest Acrobat reader can be downloaded free from:

KAOS can also be read on Adobe's ebook reader, which offers library cataloguing for ebook collections, a more book-like interface, and the ability to make personal electronic marginal annotations, although limits the degree to which preferences can be altered. You can't, for instance, smooth vector illustrations and the nested bookmarks of KAOS 14 that distinguish illustrations from text by colour are rendered unnested and the same colour, although with the ebook reader you do have the ability to add your own bookmarks. Overall, we prefer the ordinary Acrobat reader to the ebook reader. The ebook reader can be obtained free here:

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