King Wen sequence animation

Below is an animation of the 64 hexagrams in the King Wen sequence, starting on hexagram 1 and playing through to 64 and then repeating. Certainly I have found that there is some kind of seemingly sensible pattern that emerges in contemplation of the animation, and it occurs to me that insights into the mystery of the King Wen sequence might be forthcoming in this manner.

When I first created the animation I simply used gifs for all of the hexagrams, one after another, but on optimising the animation whereby all extraneous material was removed a pattern emerged of itself in the frames leaving only hexagram 1 intact – all the other hexagram frames were stripped down to the bare essential building blocks needed to create the illusion of changing hexagrams (as if there is only one hexagram, with all changes occurring within it). This pattern was both unexpected and fascinating (reminiscent of thin-layer chromatography plates), as can be seen by examining the gif in animation software. I've made a screenshot of the first eight frames.

For further information see my article on Yijing hexagram sequences.