The Mandate of Heaven

The Mandate of Heaven: Hidden History in the Book of Changes, by S J Marshall, was originally published in 2001 by Curzon Press in the UK and Columbia University Press in the US. You can download it now in PDF, and EPUB format for your ebook reader (also works well in Calibre, I particularly like the way the hyperlinked endnotes become footnotes). As the ebook doesn’t have a blurb, see the dust jacket of the US edition. (See Yijing Dao for related material.) There are a few small errors in the original work that have been corrected in the EPUB.

Errata for printed book and PDF:


p 93: In ‘became no more difficult that punishing’ that should be than.


p 114: The second and fourth lines of hexagram 44 are the wrong way round. ‘No fish’ is of course the fourth line not the second line.


p 214 n11: The reference to Analects 7/7 should be 7/17.


p 233: liang (millet) 梁 should be 粱

A note on the ebook:


In 2016 I discovered that the UK publisher of The Mandate of Heaven, Routledge, had been selling an ebook of my work littered with OCR scanning errors. I had no idea that an ebook had been published, and in such a shoddy state. I supplied the publisher with a 27-page list of the errors they had introduced and also with a corrected EPUB file they could use if they didn’t want the effort of correcting their own version themselves. But they showed little interest. So I have made it available here.


Routledge are still selling an uncorrected ebook edition, despite my protests.