The I Ching on YouTube

(Last updated August 2016) I thought it would be a good idea to note a selection of Yijing-related videos on YouTube separate from the main links page.


I Ching Reading with Han Boering – Dutch Yijing consultant gives a reading, with English subtitles that can be switched on. Boering has written several books on the oracle and created a set of cards.


Han Boering on I Ching, Freedom, Joy and Resonance – Really nice long interview with Han Boering from 2011, with English subtitles. Boering died June 10, 2015.


Yarrow manipulation – Speeded-up demonstration of how to do the yarrow stalk rite, put across without speech. He writes the numbers down top to bottom, which worried me at first, but when he comes to draw the hexagram he correctly transposes them to build the hexagram up bottom to top.


tetas, empanadas y un i ching – Exactly what it says. Some Argentinean birds eating empanadas, talking about their breasts, and the I Ching. Lovely bit of fly-on-the-wall.


Animated sequences – SolaristProjects have taken the eight by eight block of 64 hexagrams in the King Wen order and made each hexagram the starting point for 64 animated runs of the sequence, so each is lagging behind the one before it in the grid by one hexagram. This has the additional effect of having the hexagrams hop forwards. Easier to watch it than describe it. Great idea. There is also another version that can apparently be viewed with 3D glasses: anaglyphic i-ching. This YouTuber has a few other hexagram animations.


Fu Xi Changes His Mind – Kymotrope based on the sequence of the eight binary trigrams made by MythMath. Another of his YouTube kymotropes is Lo Shu Squarewave. The Planetary Square Dance is a 'Kymotropic analysis of Morphing Magick Squarewaves with frequencies based on the 27 Ternary Trigrams of the Tai Hsuan Ching'.


Binary Tao Code N°2 da Poetronica – Really attractive fusion of hexagram lines and sound by Carlo Isola.


Tao Te Ching & I-Ching – Interesting lecture by 'I Ching King' (Gavin Cheng) on the significance of left and right in chapter 31 of the Daodejing, and its relation to the I Ching. He has other videos on the oracle, and a thought-provoking lecture on the Chinese characters for little and big.


Yi Ching Part 1 and Part 2 – This Yijing authority speaking in Bulgarian certainly has a lot of books in his room, though I don't know how he ever finds anything. He has quite a presence.


Wu Wang. La inocencia. I Ching 25 – I love this song. A few rude images.


Helio y Vos – I Ching – Hilarious! Understanding the language isn't important here. Definitely one of my favourites.


I CHING – The Gentle, the Penetrating – Percussional interpretation of hexagram 57 performed by Carolina Alcaraz.


Interactive Grimoire – I-Ching – Dour-looking but actually quite interesting primer on the I Ching by Rev Don Lewis, who has also given armchair talks on zombies and Nostradamus. I always smile when people pronounce 'dynasty' as 'die nasty'. He is better informed than most people on ancient Chinese history, but naturally there's stuff I'd quibble with. He is a Correllian priest, which is a wiccan tradition. Seems a man with something to say, judging by some of his other videos.


Arduino King Wen Display – King Wen sequence using an Arduino Diecimila circuit board. Used at 'Burning Man 2006'.


What is I Ching? – Herk Stokely gives a sound but basic introduction.


Use of the Counting Rods – Japanese demonstration of the formation of a hexagram by the 'Three Changes Method', with counting rods and six beautiful wood and metal blocks with yang one side and yin the other. In Chinese this is called sanbian shifa, 'three change yarrow method', which isn't very well known in the west. Three manipulations are performed: the first determines the inner (lower) trigram, the second the outer (upper), and finally the third decides which of the six lines will be changing. The diviner pushes out one of the wooden blocks a little to mark the moving line. Fascinating video. Another view of the procedure is shown here.


situación 89 a – Claudia consults the Wilhelm I Ching in Uruguay. It's that cake on the table that gets me. Claro.


Imaginary Landscape No. 5 (1952) by John Cage – Cage's compositional process was based on the I Ching. This is a recent updating of the work. (See John Cage's I Ching chance operations.)


64 Segundos – Quite an enigmatic interpretation of the I Ching, I'd say. I think this film is wonderful actually.


Rolle's sticks – Hanna Moog uses sticks made according to Dominik F Rolle's patent. I get the impression that she and Carol Anthony have started manufacturing them for sale.


Yarrow ritual – Nicely shot film of the yarrow stalk manipulation.


Wisdom of Changes – Trailer for a documentary on Richard Wilhelm made by his granddaughter Bettina Wilhelm. The film has been reviewed here.